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Remember the little blonde girl in the car seat, dubbed Side-Eyeing Chloe, making a concerned face? The photo of Chloe, now 12, has become one of the most popular memes in the world

Internet memes have become increasingly successful over the past decade. These digital files or hyperlinks are a constant, but their content usually changes depending on the text that is written to them.

Everyone is probably familiar with the “success kid” meme – where the little boy was actually just eating sand – or Side-Eyeing Chloe. The little girl is about to turn 12.

The story of Side-Eyeing Chloe

Chloe Clem and her sister Lilly had a surprise prepared by their parents. In September 2013, they told the girls that their next family trip would be to Disneyland. The mother filmed the moment when she revealed the girls the exciting news. While Lilly burst into tears of joy, Chloe was unimpressed.

A strange, concerned grimace appeared on her face, which came to life on its own when it was posted on the internet. Nine years have passed since then, but even today, she still stumbles across this photo of her all over the Internet.

Since then, Chloe’s mother has been eagerly uploading pictures of her now teenage daughter to Instagram.

She also recently shared that the family is moving from Arizona to Tennessee and that everyone is excited for the big adventure.

Chloe and her sister, Lilly, are still very close as teenagers, as the pictures show.

Chloe can no longer fit in the baby seat of the shopping cart, but they still manage to get the family shopping done.

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