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Not a single encounter happens without a reason: 7 types of people you will meet throughout your life

There is no such thing as chance. Everything happens for a good reason, and every single encounter and relationship shapes one’s mind, personality and entire life.

There are seven types of people that you will meet for sure during your life.

 1. The one who breaks your heart

This kind of relationship may start out stormy. It awakes strong emotions within you, and then it suddenly is over. Such relationships end in a very painful way, and your sorrow is so great that you need some time to realize how useful the relationship was for you.

2. A relationship for a lifetime

Such a person is always there for you, both in good and bad times, gives you unselfish love and does not expect anything in return. His or her presence is enough to make you feel calm and hopeful.

 3. The one who simply passes through your life

With some people, you have a very short encounter; nevertheless, they cause a strong positive or negative change in your life. When they leave, they take a little piece of your heart. It is important to learn how to handle such losses.

4. The one who reminds you of something important

These connections are in general very short lived. It may even happen that you hardly notice this kind of person’s presence before they are gone.

5. The one who teaches you something significant

Even though you try to stubbornly resist it at the beginning, such persons will teach you some important lesson that will change your life.

6. The one who learns something from you

You teach such persons through your exemplary life, actions and thoughts. You will become a role model, and your example will have a life-changing effect.

7. An inspiring personality

Such persons radiate strength and energy. They support your plans, thus encouraging you to accept yourself and become the happy, balanced person you always wanted to be.

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