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Mantra for your peace of mind and for the peace of the world

The importance of peace and tranquility in our normal daily lives is one of the most neglected facts. But when war is raging in the world, these values may take precedence over everything else in one’s life.

Chanting is an ancient spiritual practice, best known from Eastern philosophies. The Sanskrit word ‘mantra’ means liberating the mind, which is in fact a means to that end, but also the end itself: an elevated state of consciousness.

Why are mantras so important?

The simplest related activity is the repetition of the Aum or OM mantra; chanting it loudly and echoing it within ourselves can very quickly calm an overloaded mind. The sounds of the mantras create vibrations, both in us and in the environment, that are closest to the meaning of the words, so peace mantras not only establish the desired state of mind but also affect the reality around us.

The fascinating and mysterious world of mantras

Most of the mantras are written in Sanskrit, which is interesting because the meaning of the words written in Sanskrit is the closest to their essence of any language in the world. That is why NASA is using Sanskrit to develop artificial intelligence, and demonstrates the phenomenon in an impressive way: for example, the vibrations of the Sanskrit word for tree, when converted into a computer program, actually draw a tree.

It is not a new discovery that our brains or the vibration of our voices can affect the environment; the Maharishi effect has scientifically proven that meditation by a sufficient number of people together can even reduce violent crime.

Mantras for peace

Nowadays, you can find many peace mantras and peace meditations, even live, if you want to contribute to a peaceful world, and to put an end to the current wars and struggles. If you start by chanting alone, say the mantras three, nine or eleven times, or if you use also malas, say them one hundred and eight times.

Shanti mantra

This mantra is well known among yogis and those who are well versed in Hindu culture. The triadic unity of the mantra offers peace on three levels: within oneself, in the world around us, and among all the forces that move the worlds.

Sahana Vavatu
Sahanau Bhunaktu
Saha Viryam Karavavahai
Tejasvi Navaditamastu
Ma Vidvishavahai
Om Shanti Shanti Shanti
Tara’s mantra

Green Tara, the thirteenth form of the feminine embodiment of compassion, was created to eliminate war and violence.

Om Tare Tuttare Ture Vajra Dzwala Phat Phat Raksha Raksha Svaha

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