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2022 mantras for true love. Recite them to help your soulmate find their way to your heart

We have prepared a wonderful mantra for you for each month of the year 2022. Attract love into your life!

Mantra for January

My soul is ready to meet its other half. My heart is ready to love truly. I am ready and open to developing a loving relationship that spiritually uplifts me and my partner.

Mantra for February

I am waiting patiently for the Universe’s plan. I’m not rushing anywhere. My soulmate and I are spiritually aligned. I will meet my love when my heart is ready.

Mantra for March

I am grateful for all the good things in my life. I deserve a beautiful, healthy, mature relationship based on respect, honesty and pure love. I allow the Universe to show me the right path for me.

Mantra for April

I attract all that is beautiful. I’m not rushing anywhere. I enjoy the journey, and in the meantime I choose to connect with the love I already feel in my heart.

Mantra for May

I am happiness. I am love. I am feelings and emotions. I am positive energy. I’m walking this wonderful path and I know that soon I will meet my soulmate. The universe is with me and guiding me.

Mantra for June

I have the courage to let go of the past. There is nothing there for me anymore. I no longer put off meeting true love by living in a chapter already closed. My soul mate is waiting to meet me.

Mantra for July

I take care of myself, as my spirit and my body are all I truly have. I love myself before I am loved by anyone else and I know with all my heart that I deserve the best in life.

Mantra for August

I am learning to trust in the power of the Universe; I am learning to trust in divinity. All I need comes to me when I’m ready for it. In the meantime, I dedicate myself to being the best version of myself when I meet my soulmate.

Mantra for September

I know that my destiny is wonderful and that I will have a wonderful love story. I know that someone is protecting me and wants to see me happy.

Mantra for October

I let go of the walls and barriers built around my heart. I open my soul and allow true love to find me. I am ready to love with every cell of my body.

Mantra for November

I am confident that the Universe is on my side, and it gives me everything I need to grow spiritually and emotionally, and prepares me for meeting my soul mate. My love story will be a wonderful one.

Mantra for December

I believe in the power of love with my whole being. I believe in true love. I want a beautiful, honest, mature relationship. I know what I want my soulmate to be like, and that’s why I’m not rushing anywhere. I am patient and promise to wait for him happily.

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