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How to clean fingernails properly? Nail brushes are not recommended for everyone

Cleaning your fingernails properly is not as obvious as many people think.

Our fingers have a tangible connection with the world. We eat, type and work with them.

Therefore, it’s no surprise that when our fingernails are not cleaned regularly, they can harbor everything from bacteria and dirt to dead skin cells. Keeping your nails short by cutting them with nail clippers is a smart first step, but it won’t protect them from the dirt that accumulates underneath.

Tips for healthy nails

If due to your activities a lot of deposits accumulate under your nails but you don’t usually go to a manicurist, there are a few basic rules to know and follow for healthy and clean nails.

Choosing a cleaning product

Liquid soap can be used to clean hands, but grease or other dirt trapped under nails can be more easily dissolved with dishwashing liquid.

A solid soap may also be useful, and in this case, digging your nails in can be a good idea. This way the soap gets under the nail and loosens up anything that has got stuck.


Most of the white ‘dirt’ under the nail is dead keratin, a protein that makes up the hairs and nails. Because it can trap bacteria, it’s better to remove it regularly.

Nail brushing is not the best way to clean nails properly. Although effective at removing dirt, its bristles are difficult to sterilize. Unless you buy a new one every time you clean your nails, you risk introducing more bacteria than you remove.

If you find more deposits under your nails during the winter months, it’s worth checking your gloves. As winter gloves accumulate lint, it is possible that it can get under the nail. If this happens, it’s a good idea to turn them inside out and shake them out. The same goes for coat pockets.

Keeping your nails clean helps to prevent the temptation to chew them. Apart from being a rather unpleasant habit, it is not good for them. According to the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention, chewing your nails can introduce bacteria into the nail bed.

Of course, keeping our nails nice, clean and short is a long-term process that requires regular maintenance. It’s a good idea to soak your hands before cutting your nails to soften them and make them easier to cut.

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