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Grape must with horseradish recipe. Follow these steps to make it taste great

Must is a natural and healthy drink that is sure to be a favorite with many. However, not everyone knows that grape must can be preserved with horseradish.

If you’re curious and want to make it yourself, here’s how to make must with horseradish and the steps to follow to get the best results.

How is horseradish must made?

Horseradish must has a very specific flavor, and the most recommended grape for making it is Isabella or Strawberry wine must, which has an aroma reminiscent of strawberries. By following the steps below, you can make a delicious and healthy drink.

For 50 liters of must you need about 500 grams of horseradish. In other words, the amount of horseradish used should be adjusted to the amount of must. As for the preparation, the recipe is not complicated at all.

Strain the grapes and collect the juice in a bowl. Then strain the must well into another clean container. Next, clean and wash the horseradish and grate it. Place the grated horseradish in a large container, pour the must over it until the jar is full, then cover and store in a dry, cool place.

The must can then be kept in the container for 30 days (it is not recommended to keep the horseradish for longer), after which it should be strained with a piece of gauze (or sieve) and transferred into jars.

Another way to make must with horseradish

Once again, the must is made by straining the grapes or squeezing them with a juicer. To prevent the fermentation process from starting, you must work quickly after the grape juice has been pressed out. In other words, it is advisable not to leave the must to stand overnight, but to strain it immediately and pour it into well-sealed containers.

According to this recipe, 80 grams of horseradish root are used for every 10 liters of must. It’s fine to add a little more horseradish (for a more secure preservation), but never use less.

In this case, too, the horseradish is placed in the bottom of the container and the must is poured over it. But the difference comes next: you put a tube in the bottom of the container and blow into it to mix the horseradish and must well. This operation must be repeated at least once a day for two weeks. Remember to close the container each time after blowing into it.

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