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Get rid of excess water retention and prevent bloating: how to prepare marjoram tea

Marjoram is not only used as a spice; it can also be made into a herbal tea to rid the body of excess water.

Marjoram is a popular seasoning for soups, stews, meat dishes and pâtés, and it can also be used in pasta and casseroles. This valuable herb is frequently used in the Mediterranean diet, most often in combination with thyme and basil.

As with most herbs, fragrant marjoram is not only used for flavoring, but can also be made into a decoction, a natural diuretic that rids the body of excess retained water.

How to make marjoram tea

When consumed as a tea, marjoram increases the production of digestive enzymes that help break down the food you eat, thereby reducing stomach cramps and bloating. Marjoram tea also acts as a natural diuretic and stimulates digestion.

A 2015 study of women diagnosed with PCOS looked at the effects of marjoram tea. It was found that when the women consumed it, their insulin sensitivity improved, which meant that their blood glucose levels did not fluctuate and glucose could be more easily incorporated into their cells, providing them with energy.

They drank the tea twice a day for a month and the effect was already being seen.

In addition, the positive influence of the plant on the cardiovascular system was also discovered. Its vasoprotective effect facilitates blood flow, which naturally lowers blood pressure. The tea has a calming effect and it is a great stress reliever, which makes it an excellent bedtime drink.

You can safely drink two cups of marjoram tea a day. If you have a diagnosed condition, however, it’s recommended to consult your doctor before starting it as a cure.

To make marjoram tea, boil 250 milliliters of water, add a heaping teaspoon of dried marjoram and leave to infuse for three minutes. Once you have strained the tea, you can drink it immediately.

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