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Foods that are recommended if you are over 70. What nutritionists say about them?

As you get older, your health can start deteriorating. In such conditions it is very important to take care of your body early. We’ve put together a list of four foods that you should eat if you’re over 70. Nutritionists say they can bring you countless health benefits.

When you reach the age of 70 you may notice several bone, muscle or circulatory problems developing. Time will take its toll on you in one way or another, which is why you need to have a healthy lifestyle that you stick to. Regular exercise is vital once you pass a certain age threshold. Alongside exercise, diet will always play a central role in preserving your health.

Recommended foods to eat if you are over 70

Several studies have shown over the years that the ageing process can be slowed down. For this to happen, an active lifestyle and a healthy diet are needed. Experts come to the rescue with several useful tips on how you can improve your quality of life. Here are the foods that are particularly recommended for people over 70.


On the list of foods recommended to include in your diet if you’re over 70 is watermelon. This tasty fruit is the star of the summer season. Refreshing and rich in benefits for the body, watermelon is ideal even for the elderly.

Several studies over the years have shown that melon is an ideal source of vitamin C, which is incredibly necessary for the elderly. According to a study published in the Journal of Nutrition, vitamin C helps reduce muscle tissue breakdown. As watermelon is a natural source of vitamin C, it can easily be included in your diet.


Another food that is recommended by nutritionists for people who are over 70 is broccoli. Broccoli is ideal for consumption at any age, but it can be an ideal food as you get older. Like melon, broccoli is rich in vitamin C. Broccoli contains calcium and is an important source of collagen. It also contains vitamin K.

Eating broccoli helps the blood circulate properly and over time it can strengthen the structure of the bone system. Several studies have shown that broccoli helps improve digestion. In addition, its anti-inflammatory properties should be another reason to include it in your daily diet. Of course, you also need to learn about and avoid foods that cause inflammation in the body and are recommended to avoid.


Walnuts might be the best choice for people who are over 70. Over the years, several studies have been conducted on people between the ages of 63 and 79. People who consumed half a cup of walnuts daily noticed that their cholesterol levels improved compared to previous years. In addition, walnuts have excellent properties and help boost brain function. They are rich in healthy fats, as well as antioxidants and micronutrients that help improve the nervous system.


Pomegranates are on the list of foods that are recommended if you are over 70. They are rich in antioxidants and help fight free radicals. Nutritionists recommend eating pomegranates or the natural juice made from them.

As you get older you will notice more health problems. Often these are exacerbated by free radicals in your body. Pomegranates are one of those antioxidant-rich foods that will be a great ally in fighting the adverse effects of aging.

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