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Tuesday, August 16, 2022

He came on stage dressed rather oddly. But what he did surprised even Simon Cowell

Each competitor who wants to be admired by the jury and applauded by the audience always comes on stage with an exceptional show. This time it is Viktor Kiktev, Viktor Kee by his stage name who participated in the show “America’s Got Talent” who presents his virtuosity in juggling. Viktor’s passion for circus and juggling was his inspiration since childhood.

The Ukraine native proves an incredible talent in handling the balls with an amazing rapidity. Dressed in an outfit slightly strange to all who watch, the man leaves the audience speechless through his entire performance.

With a fantastic lightness and an enviable flexibility Viktor proves his boundless skills in juggling balls, and his performance is full of surprising moves. The four members of the jury are skeptical at first about what comes next, but then they become more and more enthusiastic and amazed at his mastery.

At the beginning of the performance Viktor includes only two balls, but by the end he ends up juggling seven balls, and his show is accompanied by pirouettes and extraordinary mobility elements.

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