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Choose a moon and find out what your soul needs in 2021

Allow the moon to guide you and show you what your soul needs in 2021.

The moon can define certain aspects of your life. All you have to do is choose your favorite moon and find out what your soul needs this year.

Choose a picture from the three below. It is important not to think too much and to let yourself be guided by intuition; allow your soul to make the choice it deems appropriate.

Have you chosen? If so, find out what your soul needs in the next period.

If you chose the first moon…

Your soul needs to feel alive. What do you do to prove yourself how much you enjoy life? It is time to step out of your comfort zone, put your fear aside and learn to accept every opportunity that comes your way to be happy.

Do not be afraid of anything. Live as if there were no tomorrow. Stop thinking about everything that happened or what will happen tomorrow. The only moment that really matters is the present. Your life is happening right now. Now you can be happy. Enjoy every second and do not lose your joy.

If you chose the second moon…

Your soul needs peace. You had an extremely difficult year, with many ups and downs, with too few beautiful moments and incredibly difficult situations filled with pain and suffering. Nevertheless, now you have all the reasons to be proud of yourself. Looking back, you can realize how strong you are. You have been through so much, but you have managed to overcome all the challenges you have received from life. You have learned your lessons and you did not give up.

Well, in 2021 you need to rest, take a break, and enjoy life in the most beautiful way possible. You need to live simple, and appreciate who you are, what you have and where you have ended up. Be yourself, and you will find the peace and quiet you have been looking for so long.

If you chose the third moon…

Your soul needs love. A sincere, true, real, mature love. A love that does not hurt. A love in which there is involvement from both partners. A love that will last forever.

Do not worry, the Universe is on your side and helps you get what you want emotionally. Pay close attention to the choices, changes, and decisions you will make in the next period, as they will either help you get closer to your soul mate, or they will take you even further away from him.

The most important thing is to open your heart, not to be afraid of being vulnerable, to break down all the barriers you have put up and the walls you have built around your soul, and to love truly and without restraints when the right time comes.

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