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Carmen Harra’s prophecy for mankind. What awaits us in 2024: “It’s a karmic year”

The famous clairvoyant Carmen Harra made prophecies about the next 10 years. What will happen by the year 2033? Unfortunately, she has no good news at all and talks about World War III.

Carmen Harra’s predictions about the next 10 years

Since the conflict between Israel and the Gaza Strip broke out, fears of a World War III have grown among political analysts. Here is what Carmen Harra says about the year 2024.

“There are strong conflicts in the world which, unfortunately, could lead to a world war in 2024. The danger is extremely great, but let us hope that our divinity protects us and that it will not come to that. We can only pray! Such a great danger has not faced humanity for a long time”.

2024 is a karmic year and karmic years bring to light the experiences of the past and usually this karmic concept refers to repeating certain experiences over time and the war was created somewhere in the Middle East a very long time ago. It was from there that the core of the battles started, spreading to Europe, and the danger of spreading to the whole world is now greater than ever in the coming year”, Carmen Harra explained to EGO.

Prophecy about the conflict in Israel

However, the famous clairvoyant also says about the conflict in Israel that “it will settle down at some point, in the near future, through the intervention of the US, but behind the scenes there are other powers that support this war, which do not appear in front, and fight. Even if it flattens out there, it can start again under the influence of the karmic year”.

Harra further warns that “mankind has another 10 years of struggle, struggle with itself, struggle with the past, struggle to change thinking and heal the wrong actions of time.”

“To enter a bright and stable period, we first pass through this purgatory and the chaos side. So, I argue that the danger of a third world war is very high in the near future. Let’s hope it doesn’t happen! It is not a 100% incidence, but, unfortunately, the world is sitting on a powder keg and the following years are dangerous, not only 2024!”, concluded Carmen Harra.

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