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Between being right and having peace of mind, always choose the latter

Peace of mind is a unique commodity. It means that you are with yourself, simple, happy, at peace with everything and ready for the good things you know you deserve.

There is much injustice in life; some encounter it more often, others are relatively shielded from it. Some are fortunate enough to have a smooth ride through life, while others go through countless trials until they reach the point which their spirit longs to reach.

Evolution is the key to a spiritual life lived beautifully and responsibly, a conscious and bright life. The energy shift that occurs when a person moves through a new stage of evolution can be extremely powerful. Emotional charge can remain stuck in the body for a longer or shorter period of time, depending on each person’s awareness.

One of the most powerful tools for letting energy flow through the body is FORGIVENESS. Accepting the situation as it is, calming one’s self, introspection, and then blessing are the steps a person goes through in the process called forgiveness for short.

Pride, self-righteousness, blame and rebellion have nothing to do with the inner self, but they too are part of a process that an underdeveloped spirit goes through.

Therefore, when you find yourself in a situation where you feel that people around you need to be impressed, where you need to prove something to someone, remember that it is your EGO that guides your life.

On the other hand, when you are at peace with things in your life, regardless of the more or less painful situations, when you are no longer looking for justice and validation from the people around you, at that moment you will know that you are guided by your spirit.

Between being right and having peace of mind, always choose the latter because that is the key to spiritual fulfillment.

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