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5 clear signs that you don’t consider yourself good enough yet

Are you constantly working on yourself and want to become the best version of yourself?

Sometimes the process of personal development can actually hide a complete lack of self-confidence. You may even spot small signs that you don’t consider yourself good enough, no matter how hard you try to become your own ideal version. Here’s what these signs are.

Five signs that you don’t consider yourself good enough, even if you have already evolved a lot.

1. You constantly compare yourself to other people

Even though you know, at least in theory, that it’s not healthy and productive to compare yourself to others, you continue to do it constantly. You measure your success against your colleague’s success, you criticize yourself for not performing as well at the gym as your friend, and so on. All these “innocent” comparisons actually show you that you are not satisfied with yourself and don’t think you are good enough.

2. You focus a lot on whatever criticism is directed at you, but ignore compliments

Did someone happen to tell you that you could do that task better? You’ll keep this remark in mind all week, you’ll complain and you’ll beat yourself up because you didn’t do your best.
Did someone else tell you that you came up with a great idea for another project? You thank them in passing and don’t even think you fully deserve the compliment. After all, it was a trivial idea that anyone could have thought of.

If you identify with the above situations, it’s a clear sign that your self-perception is not at its highest.

3. You believe in perfection

When someone claims that perfection doesn’t exist, you have a strong emotional reaction and tend to correct them. You believe in perfection and more. You want to achieve it at all costs! It’s a clear sign that no matter how far you go, you will still feel that you are not good enough as long as you are not perfect. And since perfection really is impossible, you will judge yourself endlessly.

4. You always find something to work on

You go to therapy, read self-help books, attend personal development workshops, have a coach and a busy schedule. Under the illusion of continuous personal development, you never manage to relax and simply enjoy life. You always have something to fix, heal and improve about yourself.

5. Trying to become the best version of yourself by force

There is a huge difference between gently, acceptingly and patiently self-improving and violently pushing yourself to evolve. If you talk very badly to yourself and forcefully push yourself towards “good”, you clearly don’t consider yourself enough. What’s more, you believe that being tough with yourself can change you for the better, which is a major mistake.

If you really want to evolve, it is recommended to take breaks along the way. It is okay to accept and love yourself exactly as you are, imperfect, in the present moment. You have plenty of time to get better and better!

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