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A walk in the forest charges your body with energy

A walk in the forest is considered therapy.

It even has a name: silvotherapy from the Latin “silva”, which means forest. The cure is efficient especially thanks to phytotherapeutic substances in trees: antiseptics (fir, spruce and pine), homeostatic substances (oak), analgesics (willow), antipyretics (alder, elm and hazelnut), sedatives (lime), coronary vasodilators (hawthorn), diuretics (birch).

A walk forest charges the body with energy; all you need to do is to lean against tree trunks, and soon you will notice that you feel much better.

Green therapy alleviates physical and mental pain by the negative ions, twice as much in forested areas as in open fields. The psychological influence of trees is also important: in silvotherapy, each kind of tree is a symbol for positive human traits.

A walk in the forest charges your body with energy

– oak – symbolizes greatness and strength,
– beech – will and daring,
– birch and poplar – purity and candor,
– maples – imagination and dreaming,
– alder – temperance and prudence,
– lime – kindness and gentleness,
– plane tree – generosity,
– willow – humiliation and repentance,
– juniper – delicateness,
– fir, spruce, pine – asceticism.

Silvotherapy helps in the treatment of diseases such as neurosis, cardio and cerebrovascular diseases, anemia, asthenia, hypertension, thyroid insufficiency, convalescence, obesity and rickets.

Silvotherapy is contraindicated in epilepsy, Parkinson’s disease, hyperactive neurosis, acute diseases, and endocrine disorders involving hyperfunctioning.

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