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5 signs who will be extremely lucky in love in the second half of autumn

The second half of autumn 2022 brings exciting adventures and changes for some signs. The stars will support you, give you courage and initiative, strength, and help you to overcome your limitations.

Especially for some star signs, everything will be much easier now.


Of all the signs, Pisces is experiencing the most intense events, even on a sentimental level. You may also have to deal with an emotional and relationship crisis. You feel it’s time for major changes, because until now your most important needs have been neglected.

You’ll be willing to make radical decisions to achieve your relationship goals, either repairing what’s broken or not continuing your journey together. Whatever you decide, listen to your intuition and your inner voice. If you are single, you can make a new acquaintance now; there is a good chance you will meet your soul mate and experience the love you have always longed for.


You are usually quite conservative in your assessment of change, but now you will be willing to experiment with new things. You seek the company of people who can bring a new perspective to your life.

Taurus who have been in a relationship for a long time will want new experiences and will try many new things, perhaps travel or be willing to make an important decision that will have a significant impact on their married life.


The second half of autumn is an adventurous time for you. You will be very adaptable and understanding, so you will be able to face any challenge in love. You’re looking for a new source of happiness, so you’ll be willing to try new things with your lover.

It’s going to be a busy time for you, but if your partner can’t keep up with you, he or she will be quite frustrated. Try to remain understanding and helpful in all circumstances.
If you’re single, you’re in for some wonderful adventures, a taste of life’s pleasures.


You will be very passionate during this period, and you will spoil your partner with all kinds of surprises, romantic activities, outings or simply with gentle gestures and words. This is a very good time for those in a relationship.

You will step out of your normal routine and decide that you deserve to be happy. If you’re single, you’re in a mad love affair that promises to be long-lasting.


For once, you’ll be really receptive to your partner’s non-verbal language and needs, which you’ll try to meet, so you can find a solution to the problems you’ve been having for a while. Love will be a safe haven, comfort and healing for you.

If you are single, a romantic period is coming up for you, a very beautiful and emotionally mature relationship will fill your life, and you will find happiness and fulfillment in love.

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