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2022 autumn horoscope: what to expect in the next three months according to your zodiac sign

Life for some zodiac signs could be completely transformed in the coming period. Loves will come and go and new careers will be built. Find out what the big autumn horoscope has in store for you.

Autumn is here and it’s bringing a lot of changes to the zodiac.

The autumnal equinox on 23 September is bound to be disruptive and set zodiac signs on the path to change. Mercury retrograde in the sign of Libra from September 9 to October 2 puts the focus on relationships, and many people’s love lives could change during this time. The solar eclipse in Scorpio on October 25 will spur transformation, change and growth. Jupiter stays in Aries until October 28, creating an opportunity to fulfill desires.

As you can see, there will be no shortage of excitement, so let’s see what the autumn horoscope brings for each of the zodiac signs.


Autumn 2022 brings a turning point for Aries. As the season gets underway, Aries decides to dedicate its time to helping people. Love will play an important role in the autumn and will bring a lot of joy. There will also be a positive turnaround in finances, with previous or new smart investments paying off in a short time and extra money coming their way. Those who don’t like their jobs will have the opportunity to change, even for their dream job.


The horoscope of Taurus natives looks very promising for your career. Your excellent organizational skills will give you the strength to achieve your goals and lay the foundation for your future. New opportunities will open up before you and you will have no choice but to take them. However, when signing a contract, be very careful. As far as your love life is concerned, you can count on strengthening your relationship and successfully putting it on a new footing. However, you would be wise to take better care of your health in the autumn.


Autumn will be a very promising season in the personal life of Gemini. It is possible that you will start a romance with a close friend. Passion and romance will run through your relationships. However, in the coming months, you will also face a serious challenge, which you will need help to overcome. You need not worry about your career, as you will manage to carve out more advantageous positions and opportunities for yourself.


Cancer natives will have to fight hard in the autumn if they want to succeed in their career. Mars will repeatedly thwart your calculations and make things difficult for you during this period. In addition, you may be disappointed by a loved person who breaks a promise, or even find out that they have been lying. The relationship of couples is about to change, either ending or growing stronger in the coming months. Those who stay together will soon find themselves in a serious relationship.


This is probably the time of year when a Lion is likely to feel that their life is full of drama. There are too many fast and furious changes that can cause things to get out of hand. But in your career, you’ll get what you ask for, whether it’s a pay rise or a promotion. All in all, it will be a surprising autumn for the sign’s natives, who may feel particularly lucky in the area of finances. This is the perfect time to start making your dreams come true.


September is definitely the time for Virgo, because as long as the Virgo month lasts, luck is guaranteed. But after that, there’s no reason to complain, as Mercury will return to your sign from October 2. In short, autumn is the perfect time to fulfill your ambitions, especially when it comes to your career. In your personal life, too, you will have every reason to be happy, as those in a long-term relationship will consider marriage or starting a family, and singles may find a close friend as a partner.


Love is in the air. This autumn, it pays for the sign’s natives to listen to their hearts, even if it’s telling them to take back their ex. Couples’ relationships will also turn serious and a new chapter begins for them. Mercury begins its retrograde motion in Libra on September 10, and the Libra season begins on September 22, so there is no doubt that the autumn months will be very lucky. Libra’s dreams could come true one after the other!


Scorpio is faced with a dilemma this autumn season: should they continue their relationship or let it go? The best thing to do is to listen to your heart. On the other hand, singles’ love life is heating up, thanks to their new lover. As far as career is concerned, the second half of autumn will be the best time for the sign’s native to achieve success, but you will have to work hard.


In autumn, career takes center stage in Sagittarius’ life. It’s worth making a serious effort to achieve your goals, because hard work pays off many times over. You can put your status at work on a whole new footing or achieve significant success in business. However, you’re in for a wake-up call in your love life: if your existing relationship is important, you’ll need to put in more effort, otherwise your lover will move on. In the meantime, you’ll meet lots of new people and even make some beneficial friendships.


Here’s a bundle of good news for Capricorns: they can expect a landslide of success this autumn. The stars will reward all efforts during this period. So it’s well worth putting your plans into action. What’s more, autumn is the time for most people to make a dream come true. In the second half of autumn, however, you will need to be clear about the importance of your family or partner and express your feelings in that light. All in all, you can do a lot to improve your quality of life in the coming months.


In the coming months, Aquarius will be putting the needs of family and friends first, although you may want to find a balance and focus on your own interests as well, as this is a great time to achieve your goals. If only because you have the chance to get rich through your work, a beneficial investment or business partnership. There will be difficult moments in your life and you may often feel overwhelmed, but all your efforts will pay off.


Not everything will be smooth sailing for Pisces this autumn. You may face communication problems in your relationships and although you will struggle to overcome them, unfortunately this period may still bring a lot of arguments and unpleasantness. Apart from this, you will have the opportunity to change anything you are unhappy with, whether it is a relationship or a professional issue. You could even put your life on a completely new footing, which could mean marriage or a quick change of partner in the coming months.

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