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Full Moon of June 2023: the powerful energy brought by the Strawberry Moon makes the zodiac signs venture into the unknown

The beginning of June 2023 will be marked by a magnificent show in the sky! The stars are practicing their dance, aligning perfectly and allowing the Full Moon to take center stage. It will shine surrounded by the stars and the other planets, and it will seem as if time stands still to allow it to spread its energies across the Universe.

This time, the Full Moon will shine in the sky on 3 June, in the constellation of the Sagittarius. Don’t think of this as an ordinary astral event, as it brings evolution, adventure and expansion. It’s already known that Sagittarius is known for its mad desire to experience new things every day. Well, during this period, all zodiac signs will be encouraged by the Moon to test their limits and venture into new challenges.

It’s also called the Strawberry Moon, but this name has nothing to do with its appearance, only with the calendar period we’re in (the time when the delicious strawberries ripen). On Saturday evening, 3 June 2023, just after sunset, you can watch the Full Moon rise gently above the horizon. It will be large, bright, with golden hues, and will illustrate the abundance that is reflected everywhere in nature, as many flowers are turning into fruit at this time. The Full Moon in June 2023 is also called the Honeymoon Moon, precisely because this is when most weddings take place.

Astrological significance of the Full Moon on 3 June 2023

This astral event comes bundled with a powerful, transformative energy that will push natives of the zodiac to look deep within themselves and desire change. This means that many people will venture into the unknown out of a desire to evolve and find their true path in life.

Wondering how you can use the vibrations of this astral movement to evolve?

You need to think, first of all, about the significance that Sagittarius has in this story. You’ve already learned that the Full Moon will be in Sagittarius, and now it’s time to analyze its traits, as only then will you know how to make the most of future opportunities. This phase of the Moon brings a time of exploration, expansion and discovery – these are the elements that define the sign of Sagittarius at first glance. This means that you can become just like this sign if you broaden your horizons and are open to new challenges.

Two or three days before June 3, people will already begin to feel the effects of this Full Moon and see how the desire to know more about the outside world will combine with the need to discover more secrets about the inner self. Sagittarius is associated with fire and by implication the inner flame that guides its steps, which means that all zodiac signs can rely more on intuition in the coming period.

If you want to enjoy the energies of the Universe, you can go on a spontaneous journey, because this gives you the opportunity to discover yourself and your limits. When you step out of your comfort zone and embrace the unknown, boldness and courage begin to accompany you every step of the way. This means that you gain more confidence and let go of many of the fears that have been holding you back.

How the Full Moon in Sagittarius affects you, depending on your sign

This astrological event doesn’t affect everyone equally. It will bring more benefits to some, while others may find it a big headache.

First on the list is Sagittarius itself, along with the other two fire zodiac signs – Aries and Leo. The natives of these signs may find that the Full Moon intensifies their desire for adventure, which was lying hidden inside them anyway. This means that, from June 3, they will take more and bigger risks out of a desire to evolve.

Air signs (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius) will feel a special curiosity and will endeavor to decipher riddles with a twist. What else does it mean? Well, these zodiac signs will set their sights on discovering the answers to all the questions that have marked their lives so far. It looks like they’ll experience mental and spiritual growth, as they’ll focus more on deep conversations.
The water signs (Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces) won’t escape the energies of this lunar phase either. Chances are high that they will feel the need to connect with wisdom and intuition, a choice that can bring them soul healing and many personal changes.

Last, but not least, are the earth zodiac signs (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn), who will feel a surge on all levels. Although they had no expectations for this period, they will notice how everything is starting to go from strength to strength. It’s all thanks to the Full Moon coming to offer a helping hand to all the natives of the zodiac.

Regardless of your zodiac sign, you just need to know what you want, rehearse your goals in your mind as often as possible and let the transformative energies do their work. You’re sure to make the most of the surprises brought by the Full Moon in Sagittarius on June 3, 2023!

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