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Your washing machine will break down quickly if you keep repeating these four common mistakes

A washing machine can break down fast if you don’t avoid a few crucial mistakes.

Washing machine is one of the most important household appliances, but it may happen that one only realizes its importance when it breaks down.

An automatic washing machine is a real relief: unlike our great-grandmothers, it is no longer necessary to clean clothes manually, as a tedious, day-long chore. However, a washing machine can only be a good long-term help if it works well.

4 mistakes that can lead to the breaking of your washing machine

1. The filter is not cleaned

A lot of dirty water and detergent flows through the washing machine filter, so it needs to be cleaned from time to time. If you fail to perform regular cleaning, you can expect your machine to give up soon.

2. Switching mid-program

The program board is a sensitive instrument and should not be switched on or off when a particular program has already been started. Mid-program switching may confuse the operation of the washing machine, and may ruin the control.

3. Not using water softener

In many households, the water is hard and can cause deposits on certain parts of the washing machine. A water softener helps prevent these deposits, keeping the plumber away and money in your pocket.

4. How much laundry can go in the machine?

Before each wash, you should consider whether the washing machine has the capacity to hold all the clothes you want to wash. The weight of the laundry should not exceed the maximum load weight, and it is not a good idea to put inappropriate items in the washing machine either.

If something is too heavy, perhaps not only heavy but also hard, you can overload the machine and even give it a good bang, which will give it a nasty shock.

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