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Why you should elevate your feet daily

Who doesn’t want to be recharged after a long and tiring day at work? According to Bright Side, all we have to do is elevate our feet to be completely refreshed.

The method is free and simple, but it does matter how you elevate your feet. It is the best if you lie on your bed or on the floor, lift your feet and prop them against a free wall surface.

Place a soft pillow under the small of your back and breathe deeply. Lie in this position for twenty minutes a day, and you will soon be able to observe the positive physiological effects.

Why you should elevate your feet daily

Regular elevating of the feet eliminates the feeling of heaviness in the feet, and swelling of the feet; it relieves veins; it helps digestion by allowing better blood flow to the stomach; it relieves tension in muscles and nerves; it supplies more oxygen to the brain, ensuring a deeper and more relaxing sleep.

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