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This is how our cat helps us when we are sick

A cat can be an amazing presence in a home! Although it can sometimes be difficult to care for a pet in an apartment, owning a cat will give you much more satisfaction than you would think.

Scientists say that the love of a cat can even extend your life. Studies have also shown that you are less likely to die of a heart attack if you keep a cat (based on research by Dr. Adnan Qureshi).

It has been scientifically proven that people who keep pets, and especially the owners of cats, are less at risk for stress, depression, and cardiovascular disease.

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It is even more interesting that, according to observation, the purring of a cat can make sick persons feel better.

This is how our cat helps us when we are sick

Healers have been using the power of sounds in their work for centuries. It is believed that certain frequencies or tones may have different healing effects on the body. There are several ways in which the purring of a cat can help those with health problems.

Purring releases endorphins in the cat and has the same effect in humans. Purring can reduce stress hormones and blood pressure, and thus helps coping with disease more easily.

The frequency of purring is between 25 and 140 Hz. This frequency of sound has been shown to promote the healing of fractures and wounds and may lead to an improvement in the condition of joints and tendons.

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Cats are known to recover quickly from fractures and joint problems and the incidence of bone cancer are relatively rare in them. It can be supposed that it is the purring that promotes rapid healing.

In addition, studies show that purring also relieves respiratory problems, and people who are near a purring cat may feel easier to breathe.

The same solution can be used in case of migraines, which can be relieved much faster when we are in the company of a purring cat.

This is how our cat helps us when we are sick

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