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The trendiest skirt of the spring – how to wear this retro-inspired piece to look really pretty

Our favorite piece from the ‘90s is back: this retro-inspired skirt is the way to look feminine and fashionable this spring.

Midi skirts have long been a great favorite as they aren’t too revealing, they make the figure look taller and leaner, and everyone can find the one that suits their figure best. The A-line, plush pieces have been all the rage so far, but for the spring season, old, retro-inspired pieces will be the most fashionable.

In the coming months, no piece of clothing will be as chic as denim midi skirts. At first glance, they may be a bit of a turn-off for some because of their retro vibe, but can be very pretty when paired with the right tops and shoes.

How to wear a denim midi skirt

The advantage of this classical piece is that it follows, elongates and slims the figure, accentuates the waist and, thanks to its thick material, you won’t feel cold in it on cooler mornings. Now it’s not only in the usual dark or light denim colors, but you’ll also find white, black and colored versions as well in stores. If you have no idea how to wear them, or what to combine them with for a really feminine effect, take a look at the following sets for inspiration.

A dark denim skirt looks great with a black top, belt and ankle boots. Simple, but pretty.

For a really hot look, wear it with long high heeled boots and a short leather or faux leather jacket.

Pair it with a white top and a light blazer for a more chic look. This outfit is also a good choice for the office.

A jeans skirt, shirt and sneakers – if you’re having a day of running around, you can’t go wrong with this outfit.

A colorful shirt and a pair of bright pointed-toe shoes make this combination ultra-feminine.

Add a touch of French chic to your look: choose a striped top and cool boots to look like a Parisian woman.

Wearing jeans with jeans is also back on trend this year: a dark skirt goes well with a light denim shirt.

You can also wear this skirt as part of a fun, sporty outfit.

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