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The significance of the New Moon on 26 September

The New Moon of 26 September: we will receive divine and purifying energy, so that the pains in the soul will be healed and dreams will be fulfilled.

The New Moon of 26 September 2022 brings us healing divine energy, which helps us to cleanse our soul of the toxic shadows of the past, while giving us the strength to be daring, and follow a new path towards the fulfillment of our deepest dreams. We invite you to discover the influences that the New Moon in Libra brings into our lives, as well as the Universe’s advice for this period.

The New Moon on 26 September 2022 will occur at different times depending on where we are on Earth. But the first hour past midnight will frame this astral event, which will bring powerful influences on our lives and souls.

New Moon in Libra: significance and impact on our souls

It is time to sow the seeds of hope, to open the doors to new beginnings, to have the courage to ask the Universe for what we really want, all the way down to our most hidden desires, as this New Moon activates the Law of Attraction, making dreams come true.

It’s a good time to fall in love, so singles have the opportunity to meet that one person who will stir their senses, bring insomnia and wake up butterflies in their stomachs. Love is amplified during this period, so couples can also have the opportunity to mend cracks, express their needs, and unleash romance and creativity in their relationship.

This month’s New Moon takes place in the sign of Libra, a sign of harmony and balance, of beauty and giving, of friendship and romance. So, it’s time to give free rein to love, to dare to express our feelings, to stop holding back our emotions, to let tender gestures and kindness flood our actions. We can forge valuable friendships during this time.

Also, the New Moon helps us on the one hand to reap the fruits of our actions started during the Full Moon, and on the other hand it symbolizes fulfillment, change, fertility. This is why we say that it is time to sow the seeds of happiness in our lives, as this moment surprises each of us by fulfilling our own needs and dreams we were waiting to manifest.

With the New Moon in the sign of Libra we begin to look more closely at people dear to us, at our past, the quality of our relationships, our promises and commitments, the expectations we have of ourselves and others.

This is a valuable time for introspection, with the opportunity to add to our lives the ingredients that make our relationships more beautiful, but also those that bring us closer to living our lives as we dream.

The Sun-Moon conjunction will occur in the 9th house, so the energies of this period will impact areas influenced by this house, such as learning new things/information or languages, travel, culture and beliefs, inner and spiritual values. These energies help us reconnect with our inner self, identify past wounds and heal those shadows that block our spiritual ascension; at the same time, they also help us to meet new people and enrich our minds and spirits.

The Universe’s advice for all Zodiac signs

It’s time to bring closure to certain aspects of our past, close old wounds and let go of anything that was holding us back or hindering our growth and ascension. The energy we receive speaks of new beginnings, of change for the better, of our power to choose only what is good for us.

This New Moon also gives us clarity of emotions and perceptions so that we know clearly what we want, what is good for us and what is not, but also the direction we should be heading in.

Destiny is in our hands and we can become the architects of our own lives.

We need to be careful what promises we make, for we will have to keep them. There is an astral energy that urges us to exaggerate in some directions, which would lead to disillusionment and disappointment.

The stars also urge us to be patient, not to rush to conclusions, and to make decisions only when we feel that we are truly ready.

The New Moon of 26 September 2022 – astral themes to consider

  • Assimilating the lessons of the past and detaching from anything that weighs us down, hurts us or hinders our spiritual evolution;
  • Developing new connections between people, friendships or partnerships;
  • Transparency in communication, especially when it comes to loving relationships – we should say what we feel and give free rein to our innermost feelings;
  • Courage to make those changes towards what we really want to do in life, towards fulfilling our dreams;
  • Accountability in commitments and decisions.

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