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The mantra according to your zodiac sign for February 2022

Tell me what your zodiac sign is, and I will tell you what mantra you will need to repeat in February 2022. Are you curious what your mantra is?

We’ve put together a mantra to help you in February depending on the zodiac sign you were born in. Say this mantra every morning at least twice, as soon as you wake up, for a month filled with happiness and love.


I live in the here and now because the present is my life. I release the past so that I can step into the future with pure intentions. I am able to heal from any pain I had in the past.


I trust that the Universe has a beautiful plan for me. I choose to step back and allow it to play out its cards. In the meantime, I’m enjoying this wonderful journey, filled with special moments.


My journey is a special one. I know this. I stop believing in what people around me tell me and learn to listen to my intuition. I try to let my soul guide me because it knows best what I need to be truly happy.


I fight for what I want. I’m not afraid to fail. Failure is just an opportunity to learn important lessons and to start over, this time with a new mindset.


I deserve happiness and abundance. I deserve prosperity. I deserve the best. I deserve a wonderful present and a bright future. And today I fight to have everything I want.


I am strong and I know I will succeed in everything I set my mind to. I will take advantage of the start of this month to make the changes I’ve been afraid of until now. I trust myself and my intuition to guide me every step I take.


I have confidence in my decisions. I know I’m on the right path and I choose to move forward. I am not afraid of mistakes or failures, as they will teach me the most important life lessons. The universe is on my side and supports me.


Everything happens for a reason. I accept the fact that I can’t control many aspects of my life and learn to be patient. I stop interfering in the plan the Universe has in store for me. I open my heart and wait to see where this path takes me.


My life story has many chapters. A difficult chapter doesn’t mean it’s the end. Now I choose to turn the page and move on. I know that wonderful things await me.


I’m learning to be patient. I don’t give up on my hopes and dreams. I don’t give up on myself. I pick myself up off the ground and move forward no matter how difficult my path is.


I no longer fight against destiny. I abandon my worries to the Universe, as I know it is looking out for me. I know I am where I am supposed to be. I know that this period is one of important lessons. I know that in the end, all will be well.


A new month begins. I’m starting a new chapter. I walk with a smile on my face and an open heart to the future. I trust that my present and future decisions are based on good intentions and love.

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