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The last dance: the grieving husband danced to the song “Love” at his wife’s funeral

A moving scene at the funeral of a French teacher, with her husband dancing as if they were together.

Agnes Lassalle, a French teacher who was stabbed to death by one of her students at a Catholic school in San Juan de Luz, was buried on Monday.

The church funeral followed the usual script in Biarritz, but after the coffin was taken outside the church, a moving scene unfolded.

The French version of Nat King Cole’s LOVE started playing, and then the mourning husband, Stéphane Voiron, began to dance as if he were dancing with his late wife, and many joined him.

Unprecedented by any conflict, the 52-year-old Spanish teacher was stabbed without a word by a 16-year-old student who entered the classroom on 22 February. Police took the student into custody; the boy said he heard voices and attacked the teacher.

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