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An invigorating morning drink: lemon water with cayenne pepper

It is an excellent habit to start every morning with a drink made from water, lemon juice and cayenne pepper. For the maximum detoxifying effect, no sugar or sweetener should be used. This drink creates a feeling of well-being, cleanses the entire body, and ensures a great start of day by refreshing and energizing the body.

Lemon water with cayenne pepper is a great way to cleanse the body on a regular basis.

The benefits of lemon water with cayenne pepper

Both lemon juice and cayenne pepper have anti-fungal properties, increase immunity and have a detoxifying effect.

Lemon juice is great for digestion, destroys bacteria and cleanses the body by helping the liver and kidneys to eliminate toxins.

Hot pepper increases metabolism, stimulates the circulatory system, helps digestion and regulates blood sugar.

Mix the three ingredients together to obtain a very strong detoxifying drink!

How to prepare

Mix about 500 ml of lukewarm water and the juice of a half or a whole lemon, and mix in a dash of Cayenne pepper.

Once you start experiencing the benefits, this drink can easily become part of your morning routine.

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