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The husband distributes his wedding photos, but people look at his wife and refuse to believe him

Love does not take into account certain standards of beauty or intelligence, but it simply overwhelms us with its excitement and magic.

Most couples in love stun by their physical and emotional beauty; the couple featured in the video are united for life by their sincere feelings that made them ignore matters of physical appearance.

Mindie Kniss, 36, married Sean Stephenson, a 35-year-old man with a locomotor disorder, although at first she seems to have nothing in common. Sean’s disorder has affected the growth of his bones, and he grew to a height of only 85 centimeters.

The young woman revealed that she had received many inappropriate emails and unwanted questions or comments about her relationship and sexual life with her husband. Mindie told everyone that, despite her husband’s condition, she and Sean Stephenson live a normal life.

Sean married Mindie at a solemn, sweet and memorable wedding ceremony. The couple has now settled in Arizona, and as a family they have a normal but special relationship, and are united by the an unconditional love.

Despite the striking difference between the two and the often negative comments from people, they continue to be very happy together.

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