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If you drink instant coffee in the morning, there are a few things you need to know

Two or three cups of black coffee a day can have some health benefits; however, many people only know about the diuretic and bone-damaging effect of coffee.

Misconception: instant coffee is artificial

Instant coffee is made from 100% real coffee. Nearly a third of those surveyed wrongly believe that instant coffee is made with artificial ingredients, and a third have no idea how and what it is made from. Yet, instant coffee is a blend of real coffee of Arabica and Robusta varieties. It is the proportion of the two that gives the flavor that characterizes various brands of instant coffee.

Opinions also vary on the composition of the granules: 38% of respondents consider instant coffee to be a substitute for coffee. While coffee substitutes can be made from cereals such as chicory, which tastes a little like coffee, instant products are made from 100% real coffee.

Misconception: instant coffee has additives

The only additive is the hot water that we add ourselves! Only one in two of those asked about instant coffee know that it is made from real roasted coffee beans. Ground roasted coffee is made by removing the water after roasting to produce the granules.

This dehydration is reversed when hot water is added to the instant coffee. In this way, the original roasted coffee is recovered. “No preservatives or additives are needed to keep the coffee granules fresh,” says dietician Tímea Tóth.

If you drink instant coffee in the morning, there are a few things you need to know

Misconception: brewed coffee is stronger

Instant coffee has the same strength and taste as brewed coffee. Research shows that sixty percent of people do not consider instant coffee as strong as its brewed counterpart. As instant coffee is a pre-brewed coffee, it is up to us to decide how strong and flavorsome we want it; that is, how much hot water or milk to add to the granules.

The antioxidant polyphenol content of instant coffee is no different from the brewed version, and the good news is that the addition of milk to black coffee does not compromise its health benefits. Drinking two or three cups of coffee a day, whether instant or brewed, has significant health benefits.

Misconception: coffee increases the risk of heart disease

There are many misconceptions about black coffee, such as that it causes osteoporosis, raises cholesterol levels and increases the risk of heart rhythm disturbances. However, recent research shows that people with normal or controlled blood pressure can safely enjoy one to three cups of coffee a day.

Even pregnant women are not prohibited to drink coffee; one or two coffees may be allowed during this period to protect the vitality of the fetus.

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