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The challenge that created hysteria on the Internet. Do you know how many triangles do you see in the image?

Here’s an interesting challenge that will test your observation skills. A drawing of several triangles has gone viral on the internet and has left many internet users struggling to find the correct answer.

The image was posted on an Instagram account, and the users were asked how many triangles they can see. The answers caused much confusion and controversy online. You probably remember geometry classes in school, when you had to analyze 2-D shapes, so this drawing should not be foreign to you.

This picture will challenge your observational skills and test your attention span. It shows a triangle cut into sections, and many have been fooled into thinking that the correct answer is a single triangle, but that is not the correct one.

Look carefully at the picture below and try to count how many triangles are present.

The optical illusion has put many internet users to shame and has fooled even the sharpest minds. Take your time and count the triangles carefully.

You can simplify the operation and draw the figure above using a pen or pencil to get to the solution of the problem. Once you have put the drawing on paper, start counting carefully so that you do not count the same triangle twice and get the right result.

Some people have said there are 12, 16, 18 or even 22 triangles. If you’ve come to the conclusion that there are 18 triangles of different shapes and sizes, congratulations! You did very well because this is the correct answer.

Geometric drawings can become a real challenge for people who are not very observant. The human mind can be easily fooled, and the brain is prone to notice elements it is familiar with more quickly.

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