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She married a Victorian ghost, but their marriage fell apart – and he had to be exorcised so she could divorce him

Brocarde, the Oxfordshire singer-songwriter and performer, said that the ghost showed his nasty side only after their wedding, becoming increasingly more possessive and behaving in a threatening manner.

A singer in Britain married the ghost of a Victorian soldier, but was forced to divorce a year after their marriage because the ghost she married was behaving in an intolerable way.

Brocarde said she first met the “devilishly handsome” Edwardo when he “burst” into her bedroom “on a dark and stormy night”.

The 40-year-old Oxfordshire woman says that the long-haired Edwardo immediately professed his love for her and later let her in on his secrets. Their love made headlines when Brocarde announced they would marry in a chapel on the Halloween evening of 2022.

Brocarde posted a video to Instagram of the ceremony, in which she is seen wearing all black, with an empty space across from her, supposedly where the Victorian ghost was standing. Their honeymoon already turned out to be a bust-up as the husband got too drunk.

Brocarde added that Edwardo was becoming increasingly possessive and threatening.

“After our initial meeting, Edwardo slowly revealed more and more about himself to me. I’d seen pictures of him as a Victorian soldier, always in uniform, even on our wedding day, his face devilishly handsome, with shoulder-length, disheveled hair, looking tired, worn, almost troubled, with a pain enveloping his whole being”, recalls the singer.

She also said that, after a while, she became very tired of Edwardo’s “disturbing infatuation” with Marilyn Monroe.

Brocarde claims that her husband had a crush on the late Hollywood actress Marilyn Monroe. She also claims her ghost husband disappeared for days and when he returned, he reeked of Chanel No.5 perfume, which is known to have been Monroe’s favorite perfume.

At first, she tried to set boundaries in her marriage, but this only angered Edwardo, who reportedly began to haunt her with the sound of a screaming baby.

Brocarde decided to return to the chapel where they were “married” and perform an exorcism to get rid of her husband.

“I came to the conclusion that the only way to get rid of Edwardo was to exorcise him, so I embarked on the agonizing process in the chapel where we were married. After the hours-long ceremony, I was finally cleansed of him, feeling light and free, and excited to be free of this troubled spirit,” Brocarde concluded, adding that she had not felt the presence of the spirit since the exorcism.

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