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The shocking story of a Russian woman: her ex-husband cut off her hand with an ax; now she lives with a bionic arm

It all happened in December 2017, when Margarita Grachyova, a mother of two, woke up to the worst day of her life. Her then-husband, Dimitry Grachyov, forcibly dragged her out into the woods, intending to cut off both hands with an ax.

The husband, psychologist by profession, had struggled with paranoid thoughts for a long time, and it had become his obsession that his wife was cheating on him.

Dimitry described the attack in detail during the lawsuit. He said his wife did not even try to run away. She collapsed, and he had to drag her to the car to take her to the hospital.

In his confession, he said, “Her eyes were open, but I don’t know how conscious she was. I put her in the car. I knew from the first minute that I was going to take her to the hospital. I had planned everything a day earlier.”

He was sentenced to 14 years in prison for his horrific deed.

Although the woman suffered severe physical and mental trauma, she did everything she could to go recover from her nightmare. Today, she feels attractive again, and has become well known in the social media as Rita or Margarita. Because of her strength and joy of life, she has gathered a lot of admirers and supporters from around the world.

The surgeons managed to rescue one of her arms, which now functions, but is only able to perform limited movements. However, she lost her other, more severely injured arm from the wrist down, and she was given an artificial limb instead. Margarita is viewed by her children as a hero, and they call her Mother Transformer.

She says, “Immediately after the tragedy, and many times even now I feel like I am no longer a woman, I have lost my beauty. Before, my body was flawless, I was a normal woman. Today, I am missing an arm, and scars covering my remaining arm and left leg. Honestly, I never learned to really accept myself again.

It often makes me angry and sad that my left arm is blue and swollen due to scars, and my black prosthetic arm is not a match for a blue evening dress. If I wear a shorter skirt, four huge scars become visible on my legs. Nevertheless, I realize that attractiveness does not come only from appearance, but from a much deeper place.”

Despite all her struggles, Margarita found love again. She recently got engaged to her partner and the event was made memorable by a parachute jump.

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