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“I’m called a bad mother because I’m covered in tattoos” – says Becky Holt, ‘Britain’s most tattooed woman’

Becky Holt is believed to be the most tattooed woman in Britain, with around 80% of her body covered in tattoos, and Becky is far from done with tattoos, in fact she is now considering other body modifications, including cutting her tongue in half. Becky started getting tattoos at the age of 15 and hasn’t stopped since, as tattoos are a way of self-expression for her.

However, the model and influencer is now a parent, mother to 7-month-old daughter Aurora Forrest, and many people are attacking her for her appearance. “I’m called a bad mother because I’m covered in tats… I’ve been told that my daughter will be ashamed of me when she’s older. But I don’t see why having tattoos makes me any less of a parent than someone who doesn’t have tattoos,” says Becky, who feels people are rushing to judge her on her looks and fail to see that she is in fact a responsible and loving mother.

Since having her daughter, her life has completely changed, her nights out are no longer about partying but caring for a crying baby, and she is fully aware of this and has accepted the changes that have come with her new role.

“I wouldn’t change that for the world. I’d rather have her every single day for the rest of my life than go to a party again,” says the mother, who clearly adores her little girl.
She gets a lot of negative comments online about her appearance, especially as a mother, with many people judging her. Becky doesn’t hide her tattoos, but says that since becoming a mother, she has tried to dress more respectfully, wearing clothes that are more appropriate for her new role.

She has also thought about what she would say to her daughter if she were to get a tattoo later on and people were judging her: “I would tell her to ignore it, because people will still judge you whether you did it or you didn’t.”

But it’s not just the opinions of strangers that she has to face: often her friends and even family members think she has gone too far. Her brother Toby, for example, is not at all thrilled at the idea of splitting her tongue in two.

Becky also admits that her looks make it harder for her to date, because most men don’t want to introduce a woman like her to their parents, and as a single mother it’s not easy to find a suitable partner.

“The other thing I would say to those who judge my parenting skills or judges me as a parent based on the way I look is to worry about yourself because I’m doing fine, Aurora is amazing and we’re both doing really, really well. I don’t think there’s any issues with my parenting skills whatsoever,” says Becky.

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