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If you are looking for fun snacks to surprise your guests, try these brilliant ideas

Every parent needs to work hard on making children’s meals as fun as possible. Showy arrangements of basic snacks such as fruit, vegetables or sandwiches will delight children and encourage them to eat healthy foods every day. The more attractive food looks, the better the appetite of children.

From a half of a green apple, a grape and another piece of apple cut into quarters you can create a very funny turtle; don’t forget to add two chocolate chips for eyes too. Whole or sliced eggs and sesame seeds for eyes and carrot triangles for a beak will create a delightful snack.

On a rainy day, a decoration resembling the weather can be created. From a quarter of an apple, two strips of the skin removed and adding a stick you can create a colorful umbrella, and you may cut a cloud from a slice of bread and add some raisins to represent splashing rain.

Children love toys, and these can be recreated even from vegetables. A colored train can be made from bell peppers, with cucumber slices for wheels. you can fill the “wagons” with slices of fresh fruit and vegetables. A few grapes on a stick and a slice of orange cut into quarters will become a colorful butterfly, with seeds for eyes and two carrot antennae.

A glass full of grapes with two candies added can be transformed into a smiley face with a marker.

Undoubtedly, there are many other ideas that the video may inspire, depending on your imagination.

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