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Honesty does not mean to blurt out the truth without thinking

Expressing all your emotions without restraint is not always the best decision. Of course, it is important to be honest with each other, but speaking rashly is a totally different matter. It is okay to come out of your shell, but be authentic. You should not be ashamed of who we are; in fact, you should show who we really are, but you need to consider possible effects and consequences of honesty.

It is very important that before we express our deepest feelings, whether positive or negative, we do not forget to take into account the spiritual “boundaries” of the person we are talking to. In other words, we should be aware of how far we can go with being open.

The voice of the ego often trumpets in a narcissistic way, and all we can say is “I, I, I, I am like this, I want this, I can’t take this”. It is not always good to share our deepest feelings, our anger, our fears, our sadness, our opinions, our advice without careful consideration first.

It is the best choice to be authentic and respectful, and be aware of other people’s boundaries, instead of pushing our feelings and needs on them. We should work on our listening skills, learn to manage our energies and find the right way to deal with our demons.

We should learn to listen before we express our “cruel and uncensored” selves. Otherwise, we are just using our interlocutor as a spiritual garbage can who will sooner or later have enough and leave us.

We should be honest with those who listen honestly, who are open and willing to help, who are ready to take it all in. A therapist. A good friend. A partner. A family member. Someone who is committed to giving their time and heart and lend a listening ear whenever we need to vent.

Let’s learn to stop talking sometimes. Breathe and stay present, listen, open to awareness. Let us also be curious about the inner world of others. Let us listen and help those who come to us.

There are times when we need to speak, but there are other times when it is better to remain silent. There are moments of being together and moments of being alone. Moments when we come closer and when it is time to give each other space. Moments to “speak our cruel truth” and moments to hold our truth, to wait, to cultivate patience, and perhaps to find an alternative path. There are times when we should not share everything, when we should wait, or listen a little.

There is no right or wrong way. There is only this mysterious and infinite dance… to which we are all invited.

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