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How to get eight hours’ worth of sleep in just four hours? The three best sleep tricks for women over 40

Is it possible to get as much rest in just four hours as if you had slept for eight hours? That’s the question we’ve been looking for answers to and tips for getting a better night’s sleep as soon as possible.

Fact: an adult needs between seven and eight hours of sleep a day. But what can you do if you don’t have the time, because it’s not easy to squeeze all the work of the day into 24 hours. Work, childcare, cooking and cleaning take up a lot of time and energy. And alongside socialising and sport, there’s one thing that frequently gets neglected: getting enough (and quality) sleep.

Some people sleep only four to five hours a night, even though they are aware that they should be getting at least eight hours for a good night’s rest. But is it possible to get as much sleep in a few hours as if we have slept more time?

How can you get eight hours’ worth of sleep in four hours?

Unfortunately, this is not possible. According to sleep expert and psychiatrist Dr Alex Dimitriu, there is no such thing as a good night’s sleep if it’s restricted to four hours.

Because the body goes through stages of sleep every night, we need a lot of deep sleep and dream sleep every night. To get enough of both, we need at least seven hours of sleep.

The three best sleep tricks for women over 40

‘Many busy celebrities sleep just four hours a day and still look in top form. But this is a rarity’, says sleep expert Dr Venkata Buddharaju. Too little sleep causes permanent fatigue, lack of concentration and lower productivity in most people.

In fact, it can also lead to high blood pressure, diabetes or heart disease if we regularly sleep too little.

How can we get the most out of a few hours sleep?

Despite our best efforts, sometimes four hours of sleep is the most we can get. But here are some tips on how to optimize sleep quality. After all, in addition to the duration of sleep, its quality and uninterrupted duration are particularly important to getting the most out of sleep for your health.

With these tips, it’s all possible

1. Regular sleep time

The more regular your sleep and wake times, the more your body gets used to your sleep rhythm. Make sure you always go to bed at the same time and get up at the same time, even on weekends.

2. No alcohol in the evening

Although wine, beer and other alcoholic drinks have a calming effect and can help you fall asleep fast, they do not promote restful sleep, as your body is too busy metabolizing alcohol during the night.

Tip: you should sip a calming herbal tea before bed.

3. Reduced screen time

An hour or two before bedtime, put away your mobile phone, laptop and any other electronic devices. Screen time can increase the time it takes to fall asleep.

Tip: read a book or meditate before going to sleep.

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