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Horoscope for the autumn of 2022: the happiness formula for each sign

Now that the calendar autumn has begun, astrologers have put together a happiness formula for each sign. They started from the characteristics of the zodiac signs, their preferences and how they react to different stimuli. Here’s what they came up with.

What you need to do to be happy in the fall of 2022.


The happiness formula for Aries involves spending 20 minutes every morning just the way they want, without hassle and being disturbed: drinking their coffee, taking a shower or simply listening to their favorite music. In those 20 minutes, do something you enjoy without thinking about what others think.

Tip: set your own priorities, give up unnecessary things, get out in nature every day, especially when you feel mentally tired. Accept your flaws and don’t be ashamed of them.


For Taurus the formula for happiness involves security and stability. The problem is, however, that they look for it in others and not in themselves. You need more self-confidence, but also to learn that pride can also be your enemy.

Tip: it is advisable to listen to the opinions of others, especially if it is someone in the family. Try to be a good friend.


The formula for happiness for Gemini is “Learn and read!”. When you have free time, pursue your hobbies. Give up things that don’t really interest you.

Tip: if you are thinking of getting married, it is advisable to give up the idea if you have not been with your partner for at least a year.


The formula for happiness for the Cancer is “Less gossiping!”. Avoid pessimistic people because you can absorb their negative energies. Set your priorities, establish a new routine for your job and try to trust people more.

Tip: it is recommended to allow yourself to rest and try to cook more.


The formula for happiness for Leo is to look for people who will give them the attention and love they need. You don’t have to feel bad about craving that. Find the people who will give you what you need. Be direct and honest, don’t hide your frustrations or they will surface ten times stronger.

Tip: follow your passions, whatever the field: sport, dance, painting or music. Go out more with friends and try to meet new people.


The Virgo happiness formula involves helping others. You’ll feel great knowing that you’re doing someone good. Accept yourself as you are; you don’t have to justify yourself to anyone.

Tip: spend more time with people you share the same ideals with; don’t take anything personally and don’t be afraid to try new things. Don’t be afraid to put an end to relationships that are not good for you. You are stronger than you think.


The formula for happiness for Libra is “Learn to say NO”. Turn down people who deserve to be turned down and don’t let yourself feel remorse because of it. Try not to isolate yourself; you need people around you, so it is important to learn to communicate more and get out more.

Tip: give up possessiveness and jealousy, because they make your heart bitter, often unjustifiably so.


The happiness formula for Scorpio involves focusing on your own desires. Don’t listen too much to what others say because no one knows what’s inside your soul better than you do. Open up to others, listen to them, but do as your heart dictates. Trust your intuition.

Tip: you don’t have to be afraid of negative emotions; avoid unhealthy habits and eat a balanced diet.


The happiness formula for Sagittarius involves seeking the truth in life. You love to travel, so it’s recommended that you go somewhere you’ve never been before at least once a month. Explore different subjects to develop yourself, and try new things.

Tip: Spiritual development seems to be an extra step to manifest your positive experiences.


The formula for happiness for Capricorns is “Give your best!” And these natives will adhere to it with sanctity no matter what activity they undertake. By applying this principle, you will succeed in many plans that will bring you satisfaction.

Tip: give up smoking, unhealthy foods and start exercising. Don’t be afraid to spend time alone, give yourself more attention, allow yourself to be spontaneous and do what your heart dictates.


The formula for happiness for Aquarians is “Take care of money!”. Make savings plans and follow them responsibly. Learn to appreciate people. Often, out of a desire to make as many friends as possible, you bring in people who can drag you down.

Tip: get more exercise, try not to run away from responsibilities, distance yourself from people who have a bad influence on you and adopt a healthy lifestyle.


The formula for happiness for Pisces means being open to new experiences. Don’t rule out the possibility of changing jobs, starting a new relationship or traveling to places you’ve never been before. Try not to put others first and look after your own interests more.

Tip: Be more responsible, face your problems one by one and solve them. Don’t run away from stressful situations, but learn to accept them as they are and overcome them.

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