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Sunday, March 3, 2024

He never found his courage to tell her how he feels. But his idea impressed everyone

How memorable are those moments when you really like someone and do everything you possibly can to attract her attention! Even if your attempts seem to go nowhere, you should never give up, but continue to fight to conquer her heart.

As much as the young man in the video tried to gain the affection of the girl he considers his soul mate, nothing seemed to pay off. Determined to show her once again that he deserves to be taken seriously, he took a canvas and some necessary material, and went directly into the classroom where his crush had her class.

Even if he initially noticed that the girl felt quite embarrassed by his presence, he wanted at any cost to accomplish his romantic plan. He took a brush and drew a few strokes on the canvas. At the beginning, nothing seemed to be particularly interesting, and everybody found it difficult to understand what the young man wanted to demonstrate.

When considering that the work was ready, he took a container of glitter and threw it over the brushstrokes. The result was delightful! The portrait of his beloved radiated on the black background, as if it had been painted with stardust. As soon as we see the reaction of the girl, we can be sure that his plan was successful.

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