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Has your favorite mug been stained by tea or coffee? Use this solution to make it spotless again

A great substance called sodium percarbonate can get stubborn tea or coffee stains removed from your mug.

Unfortunately, if tea stays in the mug a little longer than it should, or if you don’t have time to wash it immediately, it can be stained badly, and it may seem an almost impossible task to remove those stubborn brown stains without lengthy scrubbing and scraping. However, there is a gentle way to make your cup shiny clean.

For dried tea stains that seem impossible to remove, dishwashing detergent is often not enough; you need a stronger substance, but for safety’s sake it’s best to avoid highly toxic chemicals. The versatile sodium percarbonate has a place in every household, and you can count on it to work.

Removing stains from cups

Sodium percarbonate, often sold as stain-cleaning salt in health food stores and drugstores, is an active oxygenating substance that can be used effectively in washing and cleaning and stain removal.

Recently, the substance has also become popular among environmentally conscious mothers as percarb, and is also used in the soaking and washing of washable diapers, also quickly proving its effectiveness in washing up.

All you need to get your mugs clean is half a teaspoon of stain-cleaning salt and water. Sprinkle the white granules into the mug, then fill the mug with plenty of hot water and let the substance do its work for an hour or two.

The water temperature should be at least 30 degrees C, but higher than 40-50 degrees C will work even faster. The substance dissolves stains nicely and only requires a little rinsing afterwards.

The reaction does not produce any substances that are particularly harmful to the environment, and it does not contain chlorine like bleach, but it still removes the stains completely. You can even use it to make moldy bottles or dirty canteens spotless again.

Sodium percarbonate is versatile enough to wash and soak colored and white clothes, remove mildew, bleach grout and degrease. It should preferably be stored in an airtight container, which is why it is not available in paper bags in shops, unlike washing soda. Once you experience its effects, it can become an important item of your household.

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