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Aching joints need to be exercised, not rested!

In today’s science, many conditions causing joint pains are considered incurable diseases. These are partially preventable and the pain can be alleviated; currently these are the only available options. Exercise is the most effective cure for pain, and the patient needs to get out of his or her comfort zone.

Joint problems are a mass disease

Arthritis affects more than one third of the adult population in developed countries, and this proportion is growing steadily. The healing of joint problems due to wear and inflammation seems to be impossible for the time being, and not even healthcare systems with the largest budget can cope with this disease. For these reasons, prevention of deterioration is the most important.

The worst thing to do with aching joints is to rest them

For a long time, the method of treating joint pain was resting, even lying in bed. This seems logical, as seemingly rest and relief may regenerate and rebuild the joints. However, according to the state of science today, this view is completely obsolete and refuted.

If you relax a sore knee even less joint fluid is produced in the joint tissues, so these stay dehydrated. In addition, only the muscle surrounding the joint can relieve the pressure on damaged joints, which is getting weakened by rest and thus the burden on painful joints only increases.

The miracle of movement

Joint problems are the most significant in the US – in connection with the high number of overweight people. But even here, besides medicine that treats the inflammation and pain, doctors can only recommend exercise to their patients. They found out that, in the majority of patients, one hour of intense walking a day has relaxed joint pains only after a week.

Of course, every patient has to endure the intense pain in the first few days and get out of their comfort zones. The effect, however, is completely worth it, as the psychological and physical condition of the patients significantly improves.

In order to remain healthy, daily consumption of fruits and vegetables is also important.


Young people are also affected by joint problems, so they need to pay close attention to maintaining the health of their joints. Young athletes and body builders are exposed to the greatest risk, especially because the isolated movements in bodybuilding don’t fully exploit the movement range of the joints and they only burden certain points, which will lead to inflammation and later the wear of the joints.

If you are not a professional athlete, it is best to choose more holistic sports, such as yoga, swimming and nordic walking.

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