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A plant food for geraniums to ensure abundant flowering

Various nutrient solutions may be used to help plants bring plenty of blooms. However, there also exist some great alternatives right in your home that you should try if you love abundantly flowering geraniums.

Add one drop of iodine to 1 liter of water and feed 50 ml of the solution to each plant. If you feed geraniums with iodine once a month, they will produce more flowers than ever.

If the edges of geranium leaves turn yellow, they need more water. If the entire leaves turn yellow, you water them too abundantly.

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If the leaves close to the root fall, the plant receives too little light.

In the summer, geraniums kept indoors should be moved to the yard or the terrace, as outdoors they bring much more flowers. When you first expose them to sunshine, they may look a little withered for a few days, but they will recover soon.

If exposed to strong sunshine, the color of geranium leaves changes. This “tanning” is a natural reaction, and it doesn’t mean that there is anything wrong with the plant.

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You can keep geraniums outdoors almost until winter. When the temperature drops to around +2 degrees Celsius, you need to take them indoors and keep them at a temperature around +10 degrees.

If you want your geraniums to bring flowers during the winter, you can take them indoors while outside it is still warm, and allow them to get accustomed to indoor temperatures. Because if you suddenly get out of the cold, your flowers will usually fall.

A plant food for geraniums to ensure abundant flowering

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