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A house that can be built in six hours just by folding out the walls

The strange idea offers an affordable and safe alternative to expensive building processes.

Property prices all over Europe are skyrocketing, but thanks to creative minds, more and more alternatives are being considered to resolve housing problems as soon as possible.

It is getting increasingly difficult to afford a home; besides, the need has arisen for high-speed solutions as well. Traditionally built houses are being replaced by many alternative materials and incredible technologies than can ensure user-friendly, fast-paced house building, thus providing a fast and realistic opportunity for customers. This demand has been met by the Italian architect Renato Vidal, who designed a unique folding house shown in the video below.

The house called M.A.DI is available in different sizes; the 26 m² home is worth 33 thousand dollars, while the 84 m² house can be bought for 73 thousand dollars.

Fitted with everything necessary

For the above sum, the home buyer enters into possession of a finished house in only six hours. The house comes with complete bathroom equipment, a kitchen, an upstairs area and technical equipment, and its erection requires only a sufficiently large, flat terrain.

Although for the construction of a house designed from quality materials a concrete foundation is not necessary, the building has been officially declared earthquake proof. The space is somewhat customized to suit the needs of the owner.

The structure can be assembled at the site, and it is designed, in the spirit of environmental awareness, to be able to support solar panels and to utilize gray water; besides using LED lights is preferred. The house will be delivered within sixty days of acceptance of the plans.

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