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6 serious mistakes that may harm geraniums

Caring for geraniums doesn’t require a great deal of expertise or too much time, but there are a few things you should pay attention to. We will show you what to watch out for, so you can enjoy the flowers until late autumn.

Little light

Geraniums love light and don’t thrive in shade; even in a semi-shady place they grow fewer flowers. Make sure that the sun shines on your geraniums for at least 5-6 hours a day. Direct sunshine and southern location will not harm them either.

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The „just right” principle is true regarding the nutrition of flowers as well. Although geraniums need a regular supply of nutrients, too much will burn the roots and lead to the death of the plant. If you notice that the stem starts turning yellow at the roots or the flowers take a lot of time to open, add less nutrients. For freshly planted grafts a nutrient supply isn’t necessary for at least two weeks.

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Even though direct sunshine doesn’t harm geraniums, if they don’t get enough water, the leaves will turn yellow and their leaves will roll up. In a south-facing location geraniums should be watered twice a day, in the morning and in the evening.

6 serious mistakes that may harm geraniums


Geraniums don’t like too much water, and stagnant water in the saucer causes the roots to die. If overwatering is combined with humid and rainy weather, the back of the leaves first show small bumps, and then brown spots are formed. The name of the disease is plant edema, and it is the result of excess water stored in the cells. This can be avoided watering the plants at regular times.

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How to water geraniums

As with all outdoor plants, make sure that no water gets on the leaves and flowers. The hairy leaves of several species of geraniums trap the water droplets, which may harbor pathogenic fungi. Water also causes browning and death of petals.

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The right time for watering

In warm and strong sunshine you shouldn’t water geraniums, as this will cause their roots to burn. Always time watering for the early hours during the summer, carefully avoiding the leaves.

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