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5 signs that you are connected with the universe and walking on the path of your destiny

There are some signs to tell you that, finally, you are in connection with the Universe and you are walking the path of your own destiny, guided by divinity.

You finally understand this whole journey you’ve had so far. You no longer look at the past with remorse, sadness, anger, desire for revenge, but rather with supreme peace of mind and gratitude that everything that happened helped you get to where you are now.

Your heart feels that you are on the right path and you can allow destiny to take its course. You let yourself be carried away by the wave and enjoy the journey without focusing on the final destination.

Here are the signs that tell you that, finally, you are connected with the Universe and you are walking the path of your own destiny, guided by divinity!

1. You spend more time alone

You feel the need to spend time with yourself because you need to put your thoughts and feelings in order, be calm, meditate and do whatever you feel is right for you. For some loneliness is a burden and something they run away from by eating the earth, for you it is a gift from God.

2. You are in continuous development

You have realized that your entire life will be one of continuous growth, development and transformation. So, you love to learn new things, experiment, test, and let life help you become the best version of you. You enjoy this process with all your soul.

3. You live your life by your own rules

You don’t care what society says. You are no longer interested in what the people around you say or do. Your life is yours and yours alone and you choose to live it the way you know best – no rules, no desire to impress, no fear of being judged. And so, you are not only truly free, but also the happiest.

4. You like to help the people around you

You have an incredible soul and you feel like you are at the point in your life where you have finally managed to understand that you have to appreciate the present as it is, with the good and the bad.

Life is a real roller coaster that brings you all possible feelings and emotions – both joy and sadness, both happiness and suffering. With these thoughts in mind you try, as much as possible, to help people accept what they live, not get lost in the pain, learn the art of gratitude, focus on the beautiful and enjoy the journey as you do.

5. You are no longer afraid of the future

You know that the Universe has a plan for you, so you decided some time ago to take a step back and allow the divinity to show you the path you need to take, what your destiny is. You, on the other hand, enjoy the unknown, the journey, all the challenges, learn important lessons, and transform yourself with every step you take.

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