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2020 autumn horoscope: Which are the most jealous signs?

The stars indicate new experiences for the twelve signs of the zodiac. What are the outlooks for love of the zodiac signs, and which are the most jealous signs?

For the natives of several signs, jealousy is in their blood! Many of their love stories end prematurely because of jealousy. Their urge to literally own their partner can be detrimental from the beginning of otherwise beautiful relationships, which otherwise could have lasted for many years or even a lifetime.

If one’s desire to belong to someone is too intense, this spoils the moments of pure happiness and the sense of peace of simply having someone at your side. Some zodiac signs are more jealous than others. Life is not easy with them at all, and the following period is also extremely passionate for them.

The following signs are the most jealous, and they are prone to be addicted to attention

Scorpio 2020 autumn horoscope

If you are a Scorpio or have known one from close, you know how passionate and hot headed they are, especially when it comes to love. They are bubbly and attractive; they know how to look sharp and communicate extremely well verbally and nonverbally. They always live in the extremes. When life is good for them, they’re like angels on earth and they conquer everyone with their smile, but when they become disappointed, it’s time to be cautious with them.

Pisces 2020 autumn horoscope

Pisces are apparently quite calm, but you never know what storm rages in them under the surface. They are loyal partners and are in love with love itself, but they have extremely high expectations from the first moment. If you are ready to enter such a race, you must be very strong. It is most likely that you will often be struck by their jealousy.

Aries 2020 autumn horoscope

Aries are addicted to the attention of their partner and do not overlook anything. For them, all the details are important, especially in a relationship. If you are honest and give them the freedom they need, you have conquered them, but only for the time being. A relationship with an Aries may be exhausting, because you constantly have to prove yourself.

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