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What life looks like for a girl who is a millionaire at just 11: “My parents gave me many opportunities!”

An 11-year-old girl, who became a millionaire after a toy named after her was created and quickly sold out, has spoken out about her extravagant lifestyle, confessing that nothing would have been possible without her mother’s help.

Pixie Curtis lives in Sydney, Australia and has racked up millions of dollars in her accounts after creating a toy named after her, as well as some hair accessories.

Although she almost retired from the business because she wanted to focus on her education, her business is still going strong and is run by her mother, Roxy Jacenko.

In an interview, the girl talked about her lifestyle and confessed that despite riding around in expensive cars and owning luxury items, she is not much different from a typical child her age.

Even though she’s saved up enough money to afford a luxury car when she’s old enough to drive, Pixie says she enjoys the small joys of life more.

“My parents have given me lots of opportunities, so I suppose I am a nepo baby. The Goyard bag that I got for Christmas from my parents was really cool and pretty pricey. I put it on my list, but I didn’t think I would actually get it,” she said, adding: “Any money earned from my toy business was reinvested or put into savings. I am not allowed to use it,” the girl, who already owns a luxury car and is currently being driven to school by her nannies, revealed.

She also confessed that she used to go to bed very late, which is why she has a difficult time in the morning when she tries to get up. Pixie believes that she is no different from other children her age, even though she has money in her bank account that some people can only dream of.

“I love thinking of ideas to make money. My friends and I even started making bracelets and selling them to our friends. I love doing things like that,” she added.

Pixie had a big birthday party

At the end of March, when Pixie turned 11, her parents threw her a huge party, which cost £22,000.

According to the Daily Star, it was a spectacular event with fireworks, a professional photographer, acrobats and a DJ.

At the end, party-goers went home with bags full of products sold by the little girl’s companies.

Pixie also enjoys popularity on social media, where on Instagram she is followed by 100,000 people, according to Business Insider.

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