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What happens if you keep food in aluminum foil? A doctor’s warning

Prof. Dr Ioan Nedelcu, a primary care dermatologist, reminds us how important it is for our health to choose the right food for our diet and also to store it correctly. He pointed out that “all organs in the body have a life expectancy that is totally dependent on the weakest organ in the body”.

“The internal organs often suffer as a result of electromagnetic, chemical, insecticidal and fungicidal pollution”, explains Prof. Ioan Nedelcu in a show about anti-aging and vitamin D.

Food contains heavy metals. Why they should not be kept in aluminum foil?

“Over the last 100 years we have forcibly industrialized the planet and poisoned it with heavy metals. From fish in the oceans to organic food in the supermarket, they all contain heavy metals, including mercury, lead, cadmium, aluminum,” says the doctor.

Food should not be stored in aluminum foil because it will take in 20 times more aluminum than we normally ingest in a day.

“If we keep food in the fridge in aluminum foil, in 24 hours the food will absorb 20 times more aluminum molecules from the foil than we normally swallow in a day,” explains the expert.

Toxic effects of aluminum in the body

“The effects can be chronic fatigue, decreased ability to concentrate, nervousness, depression, chronic inflammatory diseases with autoimmune mechanism, allergies.

Metals act either by poisoning the body or by stimulating autoimmunity, generating chronic illnesses. Any internal disease has a chronic inflammation at its base,” explains Prof. Dr. Ioan Nedelcu.

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