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This little boy was scared of vaccination… but wait to see what the doctor does to calm him down

Times when all parents must go with their child to the doctor are probably some of the most difficult ones. They are worried, don’t know how the little one will behave in the doctor’s office, and this is not at all a comfortable situation. Fortunately, in the medical field worldwide there are people who are prepared to face any situation.

The parents who made this short video went to the doctor so their son could get the first vaccine of his life. They had the fortune to meet a doctor who is extremely devoted to his work and who managed to loosen the tension.

While the little boy is in father’s arms, he is offered a real show from the doctor. By attempting to remove the child’s fear of needles, the doctor is using two syringes to get a little laugh from the child and distract him from what is to follow.

With a few swift movements the energetic doctor succeeds to inject the vaccine in the child’s feet. With the first injection the little boy doesn’t realize what is happening, but at the second one he starts fussing. However, the spirited doctor doesn’t give the little guy a chance to complain, but diverts his attention with flying tissues he pulls out from the box on the table. Then two patches are applied and the task is completed in the best way.

All due respect to this great doctor!

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