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This creative Christmas video featuring two adorable teddy bears won everybody’s heart

The winter holidays are a wonderful opportunity for all family members to be together and share their joy. Christmas time was the central theme of the advertisement made by the London Heathrow Airport which celebrates 70 years of existence this year.

The main protagonists of the clip are two elderly teddy bears who face the congestion of an airport and try to make their way to those who are waiting for them at the terminal. The background music of the creative ad is “I’m Coming Back” by the London band Chas and Dave.

One by one, these lovable teddy bears walk through all the key airport locations, even the passport control. Once they pass this procedure, the two go to retrieve their baggage. Although the escalator slightly frightens them, they hold hands and pass over this challenge too. When they arrive at the baggage carousel, they are pleasantly surprised by the kindness of the staff at the airport who help them lift their heavy suitcases.

Some purchases are made on the run and then the two bears finally meet those who are waiting for them. Suddenly two cute little ones walk towards them and something wonderful happens. The two bears are actually the grandparents of these little ones! After a long journey they finally can enjoy the best gift in the world: they are back home!

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