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They are the clowns of the horoscope: zodiac signs that can make you laugh with tears

Every one of us manages, from time to time, to be funny and bring a smile to the faces of others. But there are some people who manage to do it every time. They are those people who have a sarcastic wit or well-developed social skills, who love fun or who know a lot of good jokes. The ability to have a sense of humor can also be a strong trait of certain zodiac signs. Just as the stars influence many aspects of our lives, they can also dictate certain abilities we may possess from birth.

The funniest zodiac signs


Perhaps one of the most charismatic of all the zodiac signs, Gemini seem to always be able to make others smile. They have an uncanny ability to twist situations in such a way as to accentuate their comical sides. They are very optimistic, good communicators, outgoing and sociable, and always have a good joke to tell.

The humor of Gemini doesn’t stop there. They have the ability to spot certain vulnerabilities in others and help them out of difficult situations by making them smile. This is in fact a way of making fun of trouble, but Geminis do it with a lot of style. For example, if a friend of theirs is in a difficult situation or makes a gaffe, Gemini natives will crack a joke to make their friend cheer up, and let them know that they consider it normal to make a mistake every now and then. The Gemini’s own reactions to what is going on around them or to the behavior of others can turn into a joke, just as if they were actors in a permanent stand-up comedy.

That’s not to say that Geminis can be serious too; it’s just that when they’re feeling at ease, they prefer good will and love to make everyone smile.


Libra natives are the life of the party and the center of friend groups. They are sociable beings and interact with others completely naturally. They display a special gentleness when relating to others and are not shy to touch on sensitive subjects, but will do so from a fun angle. It’s not that they are trying to say that certain serious situations are funny, and not because they treat certain ideas with superficiality, but simply that this amusement somehow comes from an inner strength to believe in the good, to be optimistic, to move forward with hope and confidence.

The amusement of Libras is different from that of the Gemini: it is gentle and familiar, warm and understanding. Sometimes Libras manage to tell the best jokes at the right time and defuse situations that could have escalated into conflict.

Libras feed off the energy of those around them, have a need to make them feel good, relaxed and optimistic and will do everything they know and everything they can to get those good feelings from people around them.

Even when they get into a jam, Libras know how to spin words so well that they’d put a scientist to shame. Obviously, such a situation carries a certain degree of amusement, considering the extraordinary abilities these natives have and the wonderful ways they find to achieve their goals or get themselves out of trouble.

One thing is certain: even if the humor of Libras is different, people around these natives often smile because of this kind of humor.


The humor of a Capricorn is sarcastic, but really good! Capricorns will know how to dot the i’s when they need to, and can do it with ease by telling a joke in reference to the situation at hand. But every joke contains a grain of truth, which Capricorns relate to in order to create connections by their communication without straining situations further. They’re also fantastic storytellers, capable of turning even an ordinary day into a comedy.

They’re used to reading a lot, and therefore they master the art of conversation. They know how to approach you when they want you to overcome a stressful situation, in a way that even if you’re not sure what you want to do, you’re confident that everything will be okay.

Capricorns’ humor is also accompanied by their dynamism, a reason why they manage to make lots of friends, get noticed by people around them and have the courage to open doors where others dare not.

If you have a Capricorn close by, you will feel strong, protected and at the same time in a permanent state of well-being.

And one more thing: if you like dry humor, stay in touch with a Capricorn.

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