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These 5 zodiac signs can give the best advice

Persons who know the solution to every problem and have the insight to make it happen are truly lucky. There are some people who give great advice; you must know someone like this, or you might be one. People born under the following signs are definitely excellent at giving advice, so it’s no surprise that many people ask for their opinion.

1. Pisces

Although you almost never listen to the advice of others, when you are asked for an opinion, you always give the most thoughtful guidance to others.

You’re empathetic, so you’re able to put yourself in another person’s shoes in a matter of moments, but you’re also able to remain objective, and thus you can look at a problem from two different angles.

You’re a great listener and only speak up when you have something really important to say, which is why so many people listen to you. Your wisdom is immediately apparent in what you say, and if someone needs help, you won’t leave them until you’ve got their problem all sorted out.

2. Gemini

People born under the sign of Gemini can be scatterbrained at times, but when you need them, they’ll be right there for you.

If you are a Gemini, you never listen to problems superficially, but try to look at them from all angles and bring your own experience to the table.

After all, you’ve tried a lot of things in your life, so if you’re in similar shoes, you’ll open up honestly about topics you wouldn’t otherwise talk about in front of others. Your high intelligence helps you to solve anyone’s problems, not to mention that you’re great to talk to, so people often find a pleasure to have a conversation with you.

3. Taurus

You may be stubborn in everyday life, but when a friend asks you for help, it works to your advantage. After all, you believe that no one should settle for less than they deserve, and you’re not afraid to give your honest opinions, whether it is about a friend who has a relationship with the wrong person, or a relative who has taken a job that they should not.

You remind everyone of who they are, and if they are unsure, you help them find the answer to that question.

A simple conversation brings everyone closer to a solution, and they have you to thank for it.

4. Capricorn

No other sign is as good at solving career problems as Capricorn zodiac natives.

You’re extremely hard-working, persistent, and able to think with a clear head and without emotions involved. Thanks to this, you can often look at problems from a completely objective angle.

When someone asks you for advice, you always stick to the facts and remain rational throughout, looking at problems from several angles so that no aspect is overlooked. You believe that you should pay as much attention to the details as to the big picture, and that you should take the long-term solution.

5. Virgo

One thing is certain: you are extremely honest. You would never hide your opinions just to please others, because you believe that lying will get you nowhere.

You don’t tell people what they want to hear; instead, you tell them what they need to hear right then and there, otherwise they will never solve their problems. You rarely speak up spontaneously; before you give advice, you think through all the possibilities to come up with the best possible suggestion.

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