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The little boy walked up to the cashier and whispered in her ear, “Act like you’re my mom”

Parents usually train their children not to talk to strangers and not to go anywhere with them, no matter what they are told. This little boy was perfectly aware of this advice and made a decision that may have saved his life.

Sammy Green, 10, from Pottstown, Pennsylvania, was walking home from school on his regular route that day when he noticed an unknown woman following him. The incident was later reported to the media by the boy’s father, Sam Green.

“She started walking past him and asked him where his family was, where his father was,” he told the reporters.

Sammy was sure that he didn’t know the woman and knew better than to talk to strangers. But she insisted that she knew his family and tried to persuade him to go with her.

“She said she probably knew me and was going to Wawa and that he was supposed to go with her and he could get anything he wanted,” added the father.

Sammy found the situation very strange and started thinking about what he could do. When he saw a familiar shop, he decided to go in and try to get help.

He walked into the convenience store and immediately rushed to the cashier because he knew this was the only option if he wanted to ask for help. The store’s security cameras show the boy whispering something to the young woman, who immediately acted.

“He told her: act like you’re my mum, this woman is following me,” Sammy’s father explained.

The CCTV footage then shows the cashier jumping up immediately after the boy asked her for help and running to the door to lock it, as the stalker did not go into the shop but waited in the doorway.

The owner of the shop, Dani Small, later also spoke about the incident and highlighted the cashier’s excellent reaction. “I am very proud of her. Hannah is a 17-year-old young lady. She did everything correctly,” the owner said.

It must have been difficult for the 17-year-old employee to handle the situation, but she kept her cool and protected the little boy.

The woman who tried to lure Sammy away was arrested and medical help was sought for her mental health problems.

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